10 Years, and New Frontiers

Today (December 12, 2018) I celebrate 10 years in practice as a Certified Rolfer in Austin!

As I like to do when cycles come to completion (a project, a year, a decade in practice), I’ve spent the better part of 2018 reflecting on this accomplishment, what’s happened along the way, and where I want to steer this ship in the future.

To share where I’ve landed and where I’m headed now, here’s the text from an email I recently sent to all the people I’ve had the great fortune to guide a few steps further down their evolutionary pathway.

Hello clients! New things are afoot in my practice, and I wanted to share a bit with you all. In December I will mark 10 years in practice, and in recognition of that, I’ve spent the bulk of 2018 reflecting and re-envisioning my work (many of you know the high value I put on rest & reflection). And along with that, I’ve dug in to reconnect with the sense of purpose underneath all I do.

What I’ve uncovered is this: Beneath everything I do, my primary aim is to help people recognize and remove barriers to their natural evolution forward. For many of you, that’s shown up in the educational and awareness pieces I add into our Rolfing work. For others, it’s helping you recognize the emotional, mental, relational, or coordinative sticking points in your System, and how those manifest in the physical body with Hakomi or Mindful Movement work.

Helping clients experientially understand how and where their Systems get stuck gives us the opportunity to skillfully insert new strategies in place of the old; to create something radically different. It clears those blocks to your natural evolution and gives rise to an entirely new way of being – in the body, in relationships, on the career path, in life.

This is what gives me my juice.

So, heading into the next 10 years of my practice, I’m reconfiguring things to bring this forward. Using Hakomi, Rolfing, and Mindful Movement, you’ll learn to connect the dots between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit to create a unified system of inner wisdom and ease, and ultimately embody an entirely new way of navigating your personal evolution. I call this becoming a Soma Sapien:  a person living from the integrated wisdom of body, mind, and spirit.

I find that this work helps create a critically important set of tools for those of us in a transitionary phase of life; a place where something new is trying to arise, but we can’t quite figure out how to get there and things feel stuck. I have particular resonance with people experiencing midlife crisis/redirection as I’ve been there myself. And, we all have times of transition in our lives where we’re stuck in the old and want to move forward into the new, so I welcome anyone experiencing this space.

Questions? Let me know. And if this resonates with you, or you know anyone that you think this will benefit, please reach out and connect by phone or email. I’d love to hear about your evolutionary journey!

Finally, stay tuned for a rebranded website and content coming soon! Thank you everyone for 10 years of amazing support and love, and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the journey ahead!


Mike Williams