Find Your Own Answers

This work will challenge and inspire you,
and create a platform for you to accelerate your growth.


You Are a Soma Sapien in the Making

Through the practices of Rolfing® Structural Integration, Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology, Rolf Movement Integration, and decades of personal experience teaching and practicing diverse somatic and movement arts, my aim is to help you learn to recognize how you operate physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can stop creating habitual barriers to your natural evolution. I call this becoming a Soma Sapien.

Our work together will be a deep dive into how you operate, beginning with a 12-session, 6-month Expedition. I specialize in guiding clients through a deep study of the interconnectedness of their bodies, their movement habits, their minds and emotions, their relationships, and their path through life.

This work will challenge and inspire you, and create a platform for you to accelerate your growth and development beyond our work together as you become a more authentic and adaptable human being. You will feel at ease and connected to your Self, and will have gained body-centric wisdom that will become a life-long internal guidance system for all you encounter.

My promise to you:

  • You will have your individualized Owner’s Manual for Being Human.

  • You will have mastery of present-state physical, mental, emotional, and energetic awareness.

  • You will have a new platform for maintaining and accelerating physical comfort, balance, and ease of movement.

  • You will have the ability to move through life, career, and relationships based on an embodied understanding of what’s authentically true for YOU.


The Soma Sapien Expedition


Soma Sapien (ˊsō-mə ˊsā-pē-ən) noun: a person living from the integrated wisdom of body, mind, and spirit.

Becoming a Soma Sapien is a transformative journey into the creation of a new You. When you embark upon the Soma Sapien Expedition, you’ve decided to turn your attention inward in order to understand how you operate, and to re-create your relationship with your body, your mental and emotional strategies, and how you interact with the world.

Taking this journey means you’re ready for something wildly different. And not just externally – you’ve already tried that. You’re ready to evolve. As a Soma Sapien-to-be you know it’s time to transform your internal world in order to become something different in the external world.

Traveling through the vast, open territory of You on this Expedition will help you deeply understand who you are, and as a result, create within you deep wisdom, an integrated body-mind-spirit skill set, and a higher level of adaptability and function as a human in the world.

It’s a walk into uncharted territory for many people, and like many unknown spaces it’s often exhilarating and illuminating, and it sometimes can feel a bit scary and vulnerable too. My role as your guide on this journey is to direct our efforts, keep us pointed in the right direction, and help you skillfully integrate our new discoveries along the way so you can become a Soma Sapien.

The Soma Sapien Map

Each individual Soma Sapien Expedition is unique, and is driven by your specific focus and the curious directions your system is drawn along the way. Sometimes one territory is explored in great detail, and other times we wind our way through the Map, exploring many different lands along the way.

deep-state access

  • Witness and study moment-to-moment internal experience

  • Understand the interplay between the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic realms

  • Develop compassion and curiosity for your internal worlds

  • Learn to experiment with internal states to understand and move through stuck places


  • Create easy, restful, internal support for the ways you use your body

  • Enable your body to adapt and flow with physical and non-physical challenges

  • Find greater resiliency for the times stress overwhelms you

  • Improve or resolve chronic pain and discomfort

kinetic flow

  • Understand default movement habits that create pain points and limitation in your body

  • Develop awareness-based strategies for greater ease and efficiency in posture and movement

  • Build foundational skills to rewire your system toward ease and comfort

  • Discover pain resolution strategies to avoid or resolve injury and chronic discomfort

charting the neural network

  • Define and predict subconscious operating strategies

  • Understand innate resources and learning edges

  • Recognize places your system gets stuck or resists movement forward

  • Develop tools to redirect away from habitual strategies and keep you in the flow

integrated acceleration

  • Put it all together – learn how your body, mind, emotions, and energy all inter-relate in your day-to-day experiences

  • Create new internal communication and feedback loops to help you recognize, predict, and prevent your system from falling into old ways of being

  • Develop an upgraded, more detailed operating map with skill-based pathways out of the old-habit labyrinth

  • Understand deeply who you are, how all the many aspects of you have worked together to get you here, and from that wisdom, launch forward into “You 2.0”

Support Structure for the Soma Sapien Expedition

  • Free 30-minute Exploratory Call

  • Initial 90-minute, in-office Base Camp Session

  • Eleven 75-minute, in-office Journey Sessions to complete over 6 months at a pace that works best for you

  • Unlimited phone and email support (during business hours Mon-Fri)

  • Personalized home practices to help you integrate and deepen the work we do together

  • Free access to my 30-minute Soma Sapien Guided Self-Study meditation to help you accelerate your Expedition by building or deepening your ability to track and connect the dots between your internal experiences in the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic realms

  • Access to private, Soma Sapien Client Community Facebook page to connect with like-minded travelers, get feedback on your Journey, and be inspired and challenged by regular posts relevant to the Soma Sapien experience!