Pain is not something
to defeat; it’s the beginning of your journey.

Your exploration begins by developing an awareness around the intrinsic patterns within your physical ecosystem, then reconnecting to your body-based wisdom. 

I teach people how to leverage the information that’s available in their bodies to skillfully accelerate their personal growth & development.
— Mike Williams

When you learn to recognize how your System operates – through your movement, your thoughts, and your emotions – you’ll gain the ability to transform subconscious habits that keep you stuck, and you’ll be empowered to do something radically different with your life.

Your journey as a human is to evolve. Learning to connect the dots between your body, mind, emotions, and spirit creates a unified system of inner wisdom, giving you an entirely new way of navigating your natural evolution that keeps you connected to what you need in order to thrive now.

Rewire to the Whole

Throughout our Expedition, I’ll guide you into recognizing and transforming limiting patterns in your body and mind so you stop getting stuck in these often-unseen, habitual places that create pain. Together we’ll create a new, holistic set of tools you can use to navigate your body, your mind, and your life.

I call this becoming a Soma Sapien: a person living from the integrated wisdom of body, mind, and spirit.

By experiencing my proprietary combination of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology, Rolfing® Structural Integration, and Mindful Movement, my clients feel at ease in their bodies, connected to their inner wisdom, and have embodied an entirely new way of being in the world. If this is where you want to be, let’s talk.

If you are ready to explore your experience of yourself in a deeper way, I strongly recommend making an appointment with Mike and allowing him to guide you on your journey.
— Melissa S.