‘Thank you’ feels like such an insignificant response to how you’ve helped, but I wanted to say thank you for all your help over the past year. Since we’ve worked together, not only am I playing tennis consistently 2 (sometimes 3!) times a week, I have significantly less pain in general! I feel like I have the tools to be more aware of how external stressors and movements trigger pain for me and am more mindful of how to navigate that, and in some cases, make changes to avoid negative impact!

I am so thankful for you, for the recommendation to work with you, and for your services! I am forever grateful that you’ve helped me get back on the court, and for the impact you’ve had on my overall self-awareness and growth!
— Nicki B.

Mike Williams is an amazing teacher and guide. I initially went to Mike for Rolfing and quickly discovered that his skills transcended those of the typical Rolfing framework. Having had some previous experience with Rolfing, I knew generally what to expect, but Mike offers something above and beyond anything I could have anticipated. Drawing from Rolfing, Hakomi, somatic therapy and his own life experience, Mike has helped me navigate a difficult period of my life. His wisdom and encouragement have been a true blessing that helped me to make some necessary changes in order to flourish. As someone who is deeply committed to the mind/body connection, I feel grateful to have found Mike as a skilled practitioner to help guide me on my journey. He always meets me where I am and takes an intuitive approach rather than having a rigid plan for treatment, enabling me to learn, grow and make lasting changes. If you are ready to explore your experience of yourself in a deeper way, I strongly recommend making an appointment with Mike and allowing him to guide you on your journey.
— Melissa S.

It was an interesting dive into parts of my life that I had no idea were connected to any pain in my body. But, by way of the continued reduction in pain, it’s obvious that the past experiences were holding some pain in my body. Those have now been released. After 10 sessions, I can say I have a new way of walking and holding my body. My pain is significantly reduced and in many areas, completely gone. Thank you, Mike, for your help with improving the comfort of my life!
— Eliot H.

I started working with Mike almost two years ago because of pain in my knees. I was 62 and most of my problems were due to age and bad habits. I had run out of modern medical choices for relief. I could not walk any distance without braces on my knees and considerable pain. Mike and I started with a Rolfing session in the office. Afterwards I had homework which involved mostly a mindful walk, being aware of how I could change the way I use my connective tissues and bones in movement. Each visit Mike and I discussed my progress. I began to see the connections of how my daily life events and emotional responses affect how I hold my physical body. Often in ways that cause unnatural movement and pain. We then added mindfulness sessions. With Mike’s guidance I gained the ability to analyze and correct problems in my physical body. Using all Mike has taught me, I am able to walk my dogs daily, and enjoy a normal life, with far less pain and much more happiness. Thank you Mike!
— Gail L.

I have been trying different types of bodywork over the years, and my wife recommended trying Rolfing. I had heard that Rolfing was a great way to get into the body in a painful way but productive way. I was raised that if it didn’t hurt it was working. Mike was amazing at helping me see past all that. With his help, I gained so much insight into how my body functioned, especially in connection with my mind and emotions. I grew up in rural Oklahoma so mind body stuff has always been really difficult for me to embrace. I had some significant breakthroughs with Mike by helping understand how some of my long standing aches and pains were the result of how I was carrying my body. This was directly related to my level of stress and tension. I greatly appreciated the mindfulness aspects of being in my body and recognizing what a complex but amazing thing it is. This was by far one of the best investments I have ever made.
— Clay N.