Lessons from 2 Hours of Focused Momentum Work

Last week, I hosted my first-ever live event, The Momentum Intensive, an intimate gathering of individuals who felt their momentum stalled, stuck, or non-existent. I wanted to take a few moments to share some of the collective breakthroughs and lessons that emerged.

Origin of the Intensive

I created The Momentum Intensive because of a personal experience this summer. Leading up to the summer months, my momentum felt plenty and unstoppable. I’d established a personal and professional rhythm that was expanding me beyond my norm into new, exciting territory, and the results were coming in:  clients were meeting their goals and directly pointed to their successes as a result of our work together; I was feeling flow and having fun; and my business had its best month ever.

I felt the makings of a breakthrough year.

Then, June happened.

Three events knocked my momentum so far off course that for awhile I didn’t even know where or how to begin rebooting my forward progress.

The first was a sprained toe that happened during an innocent game of football with my son. The second was an author and teacher I’ve followed for years suddenly offering an online course that turned out to be exciting and transformational, but ultimately a huge disruption to my flow. And finally, my mechanic informed me my car needed tons of repair work, resulting in a huge bill.

What happened to the momentum I’d been building all year? It flat-lined in a matter of days.

The Momentum Intensive was born out of this experience. If I, someone who studies momentum and its effects on our mindset and bodies, struggle with momentum killers, others must struggle as well. I work with individual clients around this topic frequently, so it felt like time to connect with a bigger audience to expand the impact of these teachings.


Key Takeaways for Anyone Struggling with Momentum

One of the biggest lessons that emerged from The Momentum Intensive was that each of us struggles with momentum killers, yet we have the power to take simple steps to break out of our Systems’ stuck places and return to the state of flow.

The attendee who struggled with compulsive action being a momentum distraction? We worked together to help her stop for just a few moments before moving into something new, and focus on taking one breath the next time she was driven to take immediate action.

The attendee who was feeling burned out and tired with work? The breakthrough insight was that she wasn’t taking the time to enjoy the creative process. The solution for her was to find a simple way to enjoy being in the moment with her work, not to make more time to rest.

A Final Lesson

We each have the ability to put into practice very simple initiatives that can knock our stuck patterns off of their axis just enough to set us moving in a different direction again.

First, whenever you’re experiencing momentum killers, ask yourself what you notice in your System – mentally, physically, emotionally, and energetically. Second, ask yourself what one small thing might be that can shake up that set of experiences. By doing this, you allow yourself to helicopter out of your perspective, see your situation from another angle, and get clarity about what else might be possible.

Finally, act! Building awareness about your internal operating system is a huge win to be sure. But to lock in any meaningful change, you have to take that one small step forward with a new action so your System can integrate the new information you’ve gained and move forward beyond the familiar.

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