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Starting Out Safe

As little, newly arrived humans, the first thing we’re “measuring” is if the world is safe and welcoming. If we experience peaceful, attuned connection and a warm environment, we can internalize that experience as our own. Foundationally we can have the experience of being welcomed to the world and that our aliveness is OK.

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What's Your AQ?

Adaptability is the quality of being able to adjust to varying conditions. In our current world, it’s also the ability to respond quickly and skillfully to changing circumstances. Under an ever-increasing onslaught of information, stimulation, and stress, if you want to be successful at work or in your life in general, you need to be aware, nimble, and responsive.

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The Healing Power of Awareness

If you’re addressing the physical impact of your habits through bodywork without bringing awareness to the habits themselves, you will most likely continue the patterns that created the pain in the first place, and the symptoms will probably return.

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