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5 Growth Challenges That Could be Impacting You Now

Most-often unseen by us, the strategies we called upon to address early growth challenges show up now in everything from our personalities and our outlook on life, to how we deal with conflict and relate to others. The body and mind are enmeshed so these strategies often also show up physically, and over time can lead to pain or dysfunction.

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Flow Hacking Transformation

When we’re in a deep, present state – the state of Flow – it not only feels incredible, it’s where transformative potential happens. Our minds often serve as a major roadblock to change (inner critic anyone?) and Flow is a great way to turn off that part of our day-to-day experience by literally altering our consciousness so we can create massive change in our lives.

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What's Your AQ?

Adaptability is the quality of being able to adjust to varying conditions. In our current world, it’s also the ability to respond quickly and skillfully to changing circumstances. Under an ever-increasing onslaught of information, stimulation, and stress, if you want to be successful at work or in your life in general, you need to be aware, nimble, and responsive.

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